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Mrs. Gruchacz, Principal
372 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4230
Fax: 609.806.4231

Community Park School
Speech and Language Services
Maintained by: Stacey Licht, M.A., CCC-SLP

Teach Your Child That Listening is a Key to Success!
“Listening Skills” are an important component to every child’s school day.

Did you know that good listeners:
Are able to follow multiple routines and complete class work efficiently.
Develop broad vocabulary skills.
Make fewer mistakes on classwork.
Have excellent social skills.

Play listening games at home
Fun activities can also teach good listening skills!
  • Look at a picture (e.g. a park) then think of the sounds that you would         hear if you were there.
  • Say a word. Next one says a word beginning with the last letter. (Cat, top, pan, nail, leg, etc.)
  • Discover where a sound originates from. Close your eyes and listen carefully. "Where is the sound coming from and where is it going?"
  • Listen for a certain word as you read and have her say it aloud when she hears it.
  • Play “telephone.”  Each player whispers a phrase or sentence to the next person in turn.  Compare the beginning statement to the end.
  • Be an audience.  Have your child listen to a sibling or family member read a page from a book, a report, or an article.  Then have him summarize the main point(s).
  • Older children may enjoy listening games on the computer.  One site to try is:
(Always supervise your child while they are on the internet)

Stacey Licht
Speech-Language Specialist