Dial 609-806-4266. You will be prompted to choose the appropriate school:

Press  2  for Johnson Park -  A recording will ask you to give the following info:
*       Your child's first name, grade, home address
*       The date your child will be absent and the reason. Please be specific with symptoms.
Upon finishing, you may either hang up or press 0 (zero)
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When should I keep my child at home and when will I be required to pick my child up from school for health reasons?
Parents will be called about the nurse visit if the student:  
        1.  has a temperature of 100 F degrees or higher;
        2.  is vomiting;
        3.  has a head injury that indicates the need for observation;
        4.  has an injury or condition that requires immediate medical care.

These are also the criteria for keeping your child home from school.  

When can my child return after he/she has been sick?
We have a 24-Hour Rule:   Students who have a fever of 100 F degrees or higher, vomiting or diarrhea should be kept home until the fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea have subsided for a minimum of 24 hours.  Students who have been placed on an antibiotic by a physician may return to school 24 hours after the medication is started if they are feeling well.  All students with a rash must have a doctor's note to enter or return to school.
What if my child requires medication during the school day?

Prescription and/or over the counter medications can only be dispensed in the nurse's office and must be accompanied by doctor's order. The parent's permission is a required part of the medication form.  A new medication form is required each school year.  The medication must be in a prescription bottle or the original bottle.
  • Students are not allowed to bring in or take over-the-counter medication without the proper  medication form, and physician signature.
  • Parents/guardians must bring all medications to the nurse's office.  
  • Parents should contact the nurse's office with regard to medication procedures. 

When is a child allowed to not participate in physical education class?
Every student is expected to participate in the physical education program.  Exemptions from physical education may be granted for up to one week  at the written request of the parent or guardian.  A physician note must accompany exemptions that extend beyond one week.  The school nurse may require periodic evaluations/examinations and renewals for continued exemptions from physical education activities.    
My child has Lice.  What can I do?
The school district will follow the State and County Health Department guidelines regarding the treatment for lice.  Any time a student shows evidence of head lice, either with the presence of live lice or the presence of new nits, the student will be excluded from school until treatment is complete. Parents will be provided with information that indicates proper treatment and also what needs to be done in the home. Upon re-admission, the student will be seen by the nurse to determine whether treatment has been given.

If the student returns to school with evidence of treatment the student will be allowed to re-enter school.  That student will be re-inspected by the nurse a week to ten days following the treatment.  If there is evidence of live lice or new nits at that time, the process of exclusion and treatment should be repeated.  The student's condition will be monitored weekly until there is no remaining evidence of a current lice infestation.

Be proactive:  Check your child's head and hair on a regular basis.  Symptoms would include frequent scratching or complaints of itching.