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Mrs. Gruchacz, Principal
372 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4230
Fax: 609.806.4231

What will students know and be able to do at the end of this course/marking period?
You will be able to:

¿Qué tiempo hace en América Latina?

I can identify a few countries in South America, orally and in writing
I can tell three things about today's weather.
I can tell how the seasons are different in North America and South America.

¿Qué animales viven en el océano?

I can name ten animals that live in the ocean.
I can tell and demonstrate some of the actions that these animals can do.
I can describe in detail at least one of the animal that lives in the ocean.

¿Cómo te sientes hoy?

I can tell how I am feeling today.
I can ask a friend or family member how they are feeling.
I can name at least five emotions and identify pictures of those feelings.

¿Cómo es el sistema solar?

I can list the planets.
I can describe at least two of the planets.
I can tell you my favorite part in an Aztec legend about the sun and the moon.

¿Qué pasa en un mercado típico?

I can tell various items that can be found in a market.
I can compare and contrast a market with a supermarket.
With a classmate, I can simulate purchasing items in a market using appropriate phrases and currencies.

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

I can tell three activities I like to do.
I can compare what I like to do with what my friends like to do.
I can ask other people what they enjoy doing.